Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Getting Graphic

After watching both of the Hellboy movies again within the last month and watching one of the animated Hellboy films on Starz! the other night, I decided that it was time to check out the graphic novels. I ordered the first in the series last night from and received it in today's mail!! (Amazon Prime, you just paid for yourself.) Really looking forward to starting this.

(In an attempt at full disclosure, I need to confess that the reason I watched Hellboy in the first place is that I have loved Ron Perlman from afar since the days of "Beauty and the Beast". I loved that show... well, up until Catherine got kidnapped and had the baby. Season 3 was poor. But the first two seasons filled my little romantic heart with joy for tortured, literary, unrequited love. What can I say? I am a geek.)

I only started reading graphic novels a couple of years ago, after seeing V for Vendetta. But I really like them. So far I have read V for Vendetta, Watchmen, the first two League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (poor Alan Moore; no wonder he takes his name off the movies), Stardust, and the first three books in the Sandman series. While the artwork isn't always my style, being a very visual person (which I think is why I am so into film), I really like the combination of the artwork and the story. I especially love a series panels where there is no dialogue scripted; the story just unfolds through images. This can be SO evocative.

The other great thing about reading graphic novels is that you don't have to wait for the next comic to come out. I am so not about the waiting. :-)

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