Friday, July 2, 2010

Mmm, delicious, thank you! *

I really enjoy entertaining, but I don't really enjoy cooking. So I am really big on simple and delicious appetizers. This past weekend, I had some friends over to watch movies, and I served to them one of my new fun summer snacks: "salmon delights" (a name I just made up on the spot and may come to regret. My mom made these over Father's Day weekend, and I found them simply delightful!)

Salmon delights are fast, easy, and don't require an oven, which was key during all the heat and humidity that has been in the Boston area of late. They require the following ingredients:

1. Crackers (I prefer generic "entertainment" crackers that you can get at the grocery store or Trader Joe's. They are a good size for holding and are soft enough so that they don't crumble after taking your first bite. They come in butter or multigrain, so you can vary it up a bit.)
2. Philadelphia Garden Vegetable spreadable cream cheese (when it comes to cream cheese, I really think that Philly is superior to the store brands.)
3. Smoked salmon (lox) (I bought a mid-priced package of Atlantic salmon, but you can get the kind you like. Some people like the sockeye from the West Coast better.)
4. Dill (fresh or dried)

These are super easy to put together. Slice up the salmon into 1 inch wide strips. Spread cream cheese on the crackers, leaving room along the edges so that your guest's fingers stay clean. (I didn't do this very well in the ones I photographed.) Top the crackers with the salmon, tucking one of the ends under to give it an artistic look. Garnish with the dill: fresh looks prettier, but dried will do in a pinch. (I also like to add some fresh ground pepper, because I love pepper.)

My guests gobbled these up on Saturday, and I ended up making some for supper last night as I wasn't hungry enough for a full meal. Totally hit the spot!!

* "Mmmdeliciousthankyou" is a trademark saying of one of Sister K's friends. Our family has adopted it for our own purposes.

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  1. They WERE delicious! I want one right now!



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