Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Masterpiece" is my ONE weakness*

Masterpiece Classic had some AMAZING programming this year: Downton Abbey, Any Human Heart, Upstairs Downstairs, and South Riding. I looked forward to turning on my television every Sunday night to catch up with some fabulous stories from across the pond. Heartwarming characters became old friends (Team Bates!), and I ended up meeting some smart & cool Anglophile/Masterpiece/Austen fans participating in Twitter parties about the shows. (YAY!)

A new season of Masterpiece Mystery! is now up to bat. Hosted once again by the remarkable Alan Cumming, there are four of new Agatha Christie mysteries lined up, Poirot (can you think of a better actor for he of the "little gray cells" than David Suchet?) and Miss Marple, and then three episodes of "Zen", starring the very talented (and very handsome) Rufus Sewell. (Hurrah! and Yum!)

You can print a copy of the schedule from here to put on your refrigerator (at least that's what I like to do) to keep tabs on your Sunday night television watching. Nothing puts me in a better frame of mind about starting the work week on Monday morning than watching Masterpiece on Sunday night.

*Fans of "Lark Rise to Candleford" will recognize this as Miss Lane's catchphrase.

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