Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today would be a nice day to walk around Dublin

Happy Bloomsday!

I have never read Ulysses (or any other Joyce for that matter, with the exception of the short story, "The Dead"), but I am currently reading Pat Conroy's novel, South of Broad, whose main character is named Leopold Bloom King, so that counts for something, right? And I can now say that I HAVE been to Dublin...

So far, South of Broad is good, but not great. The parts describing Charleston are a beautiful love letter to the city (makes me want to go there even in the heat of summer), but I forgot about Conroy and his somewhat over the top plot lines, which require some suspension of disbelief in parts and a strong stomach in others. It is a bit of a beach read; unfortunately, I am not at the beach... yet.

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