Friday, July 29, 2011

"Mitch, there's something you need to know. Compared to you, most people have the IQ of a carrot. "*

Yesterday, late in the day, a mother of a potential student walked into our office looking for directions to the admissions session. (We get a lot of lost people come into the office so I keep a stash of maps of the 'Tute at my desk.) As I was getting one out, she said: "I'm just going to pick up the paperwork, but I don't think that "Douglas" will be coming here next year... because he is only 10."

Jaw hits floor. Sure enough, little "Douglas" is standing outside the office in the hallway, pressing his little ten year old hands on the glass window. He comes in to the office to tell his mom that he is going to the bathroom (just down the hall.) As she waits for him to return, she and I have a little chat about being the mom of a genius (!), traveling up from the South, and getting around Boston.

Then mom says, "I hope you won't take this the wrong way, but... how do we get to Harvard from here?"

Oh, good grief!

* Real Genius

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