Thursday, July 28, 2011

"You were under the impression that when you were walking forward you'd end up further onward, but things ain't quite that simple."*

I was just reading over at Britscene about plans for The Who (Townsend and Daltrey) to tour with Quadrophenia next year. Coincidentally, I was telling some friends last night about how I went to see The Who on their Quadrophenia tour in Worcester, MA back in 1996, shortly after I had moved to Boston. (At this point in time I had started to be involved with the Mod/ska music scene in Allston, culminating in my near weekly attendance at "Mod Night" at the Common Ground, despite the fact it was mid week and I had to work the next day.)

This was the second leg of the North American tour. Then governor William Weld was sitting three rows in front of us. I couldn't believe I was actually seeing The Who - well 3/4s of The Who anyhow - play live, as well as getting the added bonus of seeing Billy Idol play "Ace Face" (dressed as the consummate Mod). (Gary Glitter was the Godfather, but I wasn't impressed at the time, and now I am completely unimpressed by him.)

I was on the edge of my seat all night even though I didn't really know the music all that well at that point (my friend Jim is a huge huge Who fan and was filling me in). That didn't really matter because the show ROCKED! It was definitely one of the coolest concert moments of my life, and I am so glad that I went. I kind of wish now that I had bought a program or a tee shirt, but at that point, in my first job right out of college, I was lucky that I could afford the concert ticket!

Seeing The Who play live is one of those things I am so glad is on my life list, although it certainly wasn't planned that way. It might be cool to see them again with Quadrophenia (now that I know the music and before poor Pete Townsend loses any more of his hearing.) Maybe in London!?! (It is funny how easily music brings me back to that point in my life. So much has changed since then.)

Here is a clip of the finale "Love Reign O'er Me" from the start of that 1996 tour playing in Hyde Park (Roger is wearing an eye patch because Glitter had clocked him in the eye with a microphone). This is rock and roll at its best.

* Lyrics from "I've Had Enough" by The Who

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