Friday, January 20, 2012

You Have 10,000 Items in Your Shopping Cart

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I mentioned last night on Twitter that it is both a good day and a bad day when the BBC America shop catalog arrives at my house. I catch myself holding my breath as I turn the pages, looking through all the BBC and Acorn videos that I don't own yet and end up debating whether or not I need to add them 1. to my Netflix queue, 2. my Amazon wish list, or 3. just order them flat out from the BBCA shop. (Or some combination of the three.)

I end up having to tell myself to "PUT DOWN THE CATALOG" and to walk myself (and it) into the kitchen where it can quickly be recycled before too much damage is done. This totally unsolicited piece of mail is like crack to an Anglophile like myself. (But please don't take me off your mailing list, BBCA. I love you!) It's not like I really NEED to own the whole series of "The Vicar of Dibley" (although if I received a copy in the mail, I would not complain in the slightest), but it is so tempting, especially when you see the marked down price. How am I supposed to say "no" to the delightful and hilarious Dawn French? Not to mention Garrow's Law, Larkrise to Candleford, Midsomer Murders, Doc Martin, Downtown Abbey, New Tricks, Doctor Who, Monarch of the Glen, and countless other movies and tv series that I love...


Trying to be on a moderate spending budget for 2012 sucks. (But it will be well worth the effort, or so I keep telling myself.)

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