Thursday, January 19, 2012


Last year, I received some miniature amaryllis bulbs as a gift, and, sadly, they were duds. Only two bloomed, and they were an orange color wasn't really anything fabulous. I was determined not to let that happen this year, and I actually succeeded! Woo hoo!!

I picked up this magnificent bulb at a Christmas plant sale at work. (Don't ask what happened with the miniature cypress I bought; it wasn't a pretty thing.) It was a very slow starter, but it definitely has made up for it. Not only does it have four deep red blossoms, but there is a second stalk with a bud starting to grow. There is something so nice about having something blooming so boldly in the house during these cold days of winter.

(Okay, I will tell you what happened with the miniature cypress. I didn't look at the roots when I bought it, and I realized too late that it was sooo pot bound that it wouldn't drink the water. It dried out faster than a chopped down spruce, poor wee thing.)


  1. Did you ever read "The Eyes of the Amaryllis"?

  2. Yes! Part of it was in a reading textbook and then I checked the whole thing out of the library. (This is before I was traumatized by the library.)



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