Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays"*

M & D's wreath

After a lot of drama on Friday baking five dozen cookies/cookie bars (not including the two batches of dough that I had to throw away), I headed to my parents for Christmas Eve/Christmas/Boxing Day. And it was a lovely time spent catching up with family, eating delicious meals, going to the movies (We Bought A Zoo - cute!), and sitting in front of the fire. I hope that yours was equally enjoyable. (Although, I think that I am getting a post-holiday illness: URGH! Hopefully a good night's sleep will stop it in its tracks.)

*I am rather partial to the Perry Como version of this holiday tune


  1. I have discovered parchment paper. It will change your cookie-making life.

  2. Melanie, why did you have to throw away two batches of cookie dough?!

  3. Oh, Jean, it is just too embarrassing to talk about. Let's just say I wasn't paying close enough attention during the mise en place portion of the process.



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