Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Turn and face the strain"*

Moving OutThe first Friday of this month was my last day in my office of the past 11.5 years, and I moved out of my home of 12.5 years a week later. It was a pretty emotional time, truth be told, and I wasn't sleeping well and coudn't really eat that much either. I thought it would be easier to leave as I wasn't very happy, but there were still a lot of goodbye tears shed that last week. Fortunately, I was able to leave on a fairly "up" note at work. And even though those last two weeks had a frantic feeling to them, I was happy that I had "ripped the Band Aid off" and wasn't drawing things out over an extended period of time. I had really great movers who packed me up and moved me out, leaving me to do a final broom sweep before leaving "home" for the last time. There was something eerie about how empty the place was. The only other time it had ever been that empty was the day that I moved in. (I made sure that I left the unit a lot cleaner than I found it that first day!)

I took this final photo and said goodbye to my condo, thanking it for all the fun times I had there and wishing it luck with its new owners, and walked out the door. Now I am on vacation and trying to find some "inner bliss" before starting the next chapter in my life. So far, so good: I have started sleeping better, eating healthier, and even getting some much needed exercise! (I have also gotten back my ability to stay focused on one thing a time, gotten two books read, and started taking photographs again.)

* lyrics from "Changes" by David Bowie


  1. I burst into tears when I was done sweeping the floors of 237 Wayland Ave. You have been very brave! I will always have fond memories of your place ... I took pictures on my way to the car after my last night in the detox room. xo

    1. I was in tears as I drove off: partly because I was sad to leave but also because I think that I may have slightly torn a ligament in my knee on the second to last trip downstairs! Why are we falling apart?!? ;-)

      Can you send me the photos? I'd love to see them.



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