Wednesday, July 3, 2013

From Screen to Page to Screen

Before last year, I didn't have HBO, or even access to HBO, so I didn't watch any of those HBO shows that people talk about around the water cooler, like "The Sopranos". But after crashing at my parents' house last summer, I made up for lost time by getting hooked on both "Game of Thrones" and "True Blood".

And by "hooked", I mean that I filled my Netflix queue with all five earlier seasons to go back to the beginning of "True Blood" and binged on two seasons of "Game of Thrones" over a long weekend. And also by "hooked", I mean that that I also bought all the books in the series that go along with them. And now I am binging on them. Well, binging mostly on the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mystery books because I can read one of those in an afternoon; A Song of Ice and Fire takes longer.

(Don't judge me: I spent the first five months of the year reading 19th century English literature at a rapid fire pace; my brain needs a break.)

And I kind of owe my sisters an apology because I may have said several years ago that "True Blood" was dumb after watching the first episode and being horrified by the behavior/stupidity of Jason Stackhouse, who I now find to be hilarious. Sorry, Sisters!

Team Daenerys
Team Eric
And, in case you are wondering: Team Daenerys (For the Throne! FTW!) and Team Eric (because who doesn't like the bad boy? I mean, really. Even the Bronte sisters did.) And if Joffrey and Bill just so happen to die in the near future, I will not have a problem with that. (Not one little bit.)

And totally shipping Jaime and Brienne. (And not just because of this fake rom/com trailer.)
Jaime and Brienne OTP
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  1. Ok, when Downton and GoT start back up--way to far in the future for me, but it is what it is--we need to hook up on Twitter or something. Dragons for the win. Yes!
    Surprisingly, you are one of the few Daenerys fans I know. Lots of people like her, but prefer other characters, usually Ayra. Ayra v Daenerys isn't quite like do you prefer cats to dogs or Paris to London, but it is trending that way. I am noodling a theory about that, something with how people see power women. Are powerful women the ones who do things like men? I love Ayra, but I connect with Daenerys in part because I don't relate to Ayra well. I keep meaning to get into this discussion with some of my Ayra acquaintances, but other things intervene.
    Give me a sec. I can think of two on twitter.

    1. I honestly don't see how you can compare Arya and Daenerys. They are really different. I do love Arya, but she is very much at the mercy of others while Daenerys moved from being in a position at the mercy of others to a position of power. She seriously rocks; even when she makes mistakes, she learns from them. I really want her eventually to take the Iron Throne. I knew she wasn't really going to sell that dragon to the slave trader, and I suspected she knew EXACTLY what he was saying about her. Stormborn is not screwing around. I also like that, even though she wants to conquer, she has a moral code.
      Live tweeting rules!



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