Thursday, January 20, 2005

How I broke it first, but you broke it worse

So I discovered yesterday, after dropping my mp3 player on the ground (not the first time,) that the output jack on the mp3 player was not working despite trying various sets of headphones and speakers for my computer.

I cried for about an hour, as it was no longer under warantee, and I pretty much adore the damn thing. My sister, good soul that she is, tells me to call Tech Support for the player, even though that is no longer covered by the warantee either (did I mention that this was a Christmas gift so I don't have a receipt? yeah, THAT'S practical.) Anyhow, just pay the fee and maybe they can help, right?


Upon calling the Creative technical support hotline, I was instructed by the support help representative who answered my call, Phil, to reset my player to make sure it wasn’t an electrical problem, and he walked me through the process, even though I kept trying to explain that I dropped it and a part was loose.

Phil knows best.

During the part of the process of restarting the player called "rebooting", the mp3 player experienced an electrical spark (both visual and audible) and started to give off a burning smell, like there was an electrical fire. I am holding the player when this happens.

When I tell Phil this, he says, "You're kidding me!?!"

I say, "No, I am putting the player down now."

The smell of burning circuits surrounds my work area. Phil makes a note of all this in my record. Phil tells me to send the product in for service, regardless of not having the receipt.

Somehow, I think that repairing the connection on the output jack would have been easier than replacing all of the fried circuits, Phil.

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