Monday, August 29, 2005

Day One back from vacation, or I want my MTV...back

I keep reading on about the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) that were held over this weekend in Miami.

Stop the presses: MTV still shows music videos??? Who knew?

Remember the good old days of videos, like Ray Parker Jr.'s one for "Ghostbusters" or Dire Straits' "Money for Nothin'"? When "120 Minutes" showed videos by cool alternative bands like The Cure at midnight on Sunday? (My best friend used to tape them and then we would watch them at her house after school on Monday.)

I think that I must have stopped watching MTV for the videos after the one for REM's "Everybody Hurts" came out. I think that about says it all. Between the high class episodes of reality programing such as "The Real World", "Road Rules" and "The Osbournes and Dr. Drew vs. Real World/Road Rules", I stopped seeing videos on MTV. I assumed that they went the way of Martha Quinn and Tabitha Soren, sorely missed.

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