Monday, November 21, 2005

Sunday Matinee

Yesterday, JR and I went to the Brattle to see Serenity, which, for those of you not completely addicted to smart tv, is the film based on the Joss Whedon TV series "Firefly."  I enjoyed it a lot and regretted not watching the show when it was on TV, although I remember at the time, I was watching WAY too much TV and therefore was not getting myself involved in yet another Whedon-verse.

The second to last reel of the film was corrupted so the sound kept going out.  As JR said, "if this were the Common, I would have asked for the money back but as this was the Brattle,"... we basically grit our teeth and bear it. Oh indie theater, I must love you lots because there is nothing worse than watching a major outer space dogfight scene when the sound keeps giving out, as I had learned the hard way when I went to see Star Wars: Episode 3.

Trivia fact:  2004 Nobel Prize winning physicist Frank Wilczek was at our screening as well.  That made me happy.  Because I am one big nerd.

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