Monday, March 20, 2006

March (Hare) Madness

I have to love the people I work with, especially my coworker. She knows that I am not a big fan of my birthday (it's the nine year old in me that just refuses to grow up,) so instead of throwing me a birthday party at work tomorrow on my actual birthday, she and our friend AB arranged to have an "Un-birthday" party for me today that was actually an early Happy 80th birthday tea party for Queen Elizabeth II, complete with tea and biccies and photos of the Queen. I found out about this about a half an hour before the actual party, so I brought a photo of corgis with me. Instead of singing "Happy Birthday," we sang "God Save the Queen" and spoke in English accents for a half an hour.

So see everyone... it isn't just me... the craziness is ENCOURAGED!!! :-p

I ate WAY too many digestive biscuits... but they are so tasty... and people who had never had them before were surprised that they were so tasty. Hmmm, this Anglophilia might just be spreading... MWAHAHAHA!!

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