Monday, March 13, 2006

No more sick days!

I can actually breathe and talk again without coughing like a maniac. :-) And the doctor's office called, and I don't have pneumonia!!

There is nothing like being home sick for a week to put things into perspective.
1. Going to the doctor's is a good thing and should not be put off until you are convinced that you might actually have pneumonia.
2. There is nothing good on television during the day, even on the Encore channels. It is good to have a dvd collection stocked with one's favorite films that one has seen a million times so that it is okay if you fall asleep and miss part of the film.
3. Going stir crazy will eventually happen, regardless of how crummy you actually feel. It is good to have nice friends who come over with Starbucks and bagels and eggs when you have spent the whole week drinking tea and chicken broth.
4. The value of clean sheets, towels and pajamas should not be underestimated. It isn't like one would put one's head in the oven if one didn't have them, but they sure make you feel better when you do.

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