Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Here comes the rain again...again

The skies are about to open up on the city of Boston and the sky is crackling with thunder and lightning. Guess who didn't bring her umbrella to work today?? ::DOH:: This all comes from not believing the weather people on tv. And of course, I am wearing a white skirt. A white, dry clean only skirt.

Old Navy is selling some really cute tank tops this season. The great thing about these tanks is that they are LONG, for those of us who would prefer NOT to show off our navel or our bums. The ones that I really like are v-necked layering tanks and come in awesome colors. (I got Paradise Blue and Pink Cadillac.) I also really like the basic camis, which have some stretch to them and make them perfect for layering under a blouse for work. These tanks also are very reasonably priced. I got six tanks and ended up spending about $30 for them.

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