Monday, February 12, 2007

Winning Stuff and Underwear, or, How I Spent the Weekend

I am currently eating my Kosy Shack rice pudding dessert cup while I wait for my Lean Cuisine lunch to warm up in the microwave. Yes, I eat dessert first at lunchtime; I am an elementary school cafeteria monitor's worse nightmare. Oddly enough, it is ONLY at lunchtime that I do this; I usually wait until after dinner to have something sweet.

On Saturday, I went to Whole Foods, where I realized that in addition to the fruits and fish that I was purchasing, I also needed some emergency cheese. As I couldn't find exactly the cheese I wanted, I went to the cheese counter to ask for help. There were three men working that afternoon and they were having a discussion about 80s pop music. They were discussing "I'm Turning Japanese," and one of the men was actually singing it because one of his co-workers was unfamiliar with the song. (God, I hate that song.) As I stood for a bit, patiently waiting for assistance, the two who knew the song were trying to figure out who sang it. Finally, tired of waiting for help and with the answer burning a hole on my tongue, I piped up, "it's The Vapours."
"What! Really!! How did you know that? You should be on Jeapordy!" were the assorted responses. But it was the singing cheese man who gave me the best response: "You deserve a prize for that. Do you like TRUFFLES?" So yes, dear reader, not only did I get help finding my cheese (aged Vermont cheddar,) but I also got free chocolate truffles.

Which I went home and promptly ate. Together. Mmmm.

You know that whole statistic about the ridiculous number of women who are wearing the wrong size bra? On Sunday, JR and I decided that we were no longer going to be a stastic so we headed over to Lady Grace (in Waltham, as Coolidge Corner is closed on Sundays) to be professionally fitted. It was an eye opener into the world of lingerie, where, much like jeans, the world is not created equal. Just because you measure one size, doesn't mean that is the right size for you in every brand. I must have tried on about 15 bras before having my EUREKA moment. The bra is PERFECT; everything you could ask for and more... the more being the PRICE!! MEEP. But seeing as one wears one's bra every day, the cost per use all works out in the end. (And it turns out that Oprah loves my bra...It's a keeper.)

JR brought up during the adventure that the Trinny and Susannah from What Not to Wear stress the importance of buying a good bra. And I always love it when I am following Their Rules. :)

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