Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Life, or Something Suspiciously Like Life as I Remember It

I haven't posted anything of real significance in a while, mostly because I have been averaging 50 hour work weeks for the past five weeks. This is the first "normal" week I have had at the office in a while, and I have to admit it is marvellous, although the pace of the past month or so is really starting to catch up with me. There was a LOT of missed sleep, and 10:00pm is becoming my new regular bedtime. I have spent the past few nights at BJs, the grocery store, Target, and, tonight, CVS, replenishing my household stores. There is something so nice, so comforting about having a ready supply of food and laundry products and toiletries rather than replacing the necessities on an ad hoc basis.

I need a haircut. I am basically sporting a mop on my head, which I have to keep pulling off my face in one of the most unflattering ponytails on the planet. It has been two months since my last one, and while the shape of the cut is still really great, the length is too much for my short hair sensibilities. Plus, neither my head nor my profile were made to look good in a ponytail. (And don't even get me started about my inability to be bothered with makeup on a daily basis.)

My parents are in London this week, sans moi. Hopefully, they will do some of the activites I suggested and bring me back the stuff I requested. They are usually pretty good about that stuff so I am not really worried, although I am rather jealous. Right now, it is suppertime in London, or just past tea time, depending on which you have.

It is springtime here in Boston, which means that is is warm and sunny, and it is allergy season. Thank goodness for the lovely processed air in the office. I am using my office for its allergen free air, and I am not ashamed to admit it.

The Niblet (son of Punk Rock Mom) turned 8 at the end of March, and I still hadn't found him a good birthday gift. (I always buy him books.) Fortunately, I recalled a book I had LOVED which I think will really appeal to his imagination: Bob Fulton's Amazing Soda Pop Stretcher. It is about a young boy who invents a formula to turn one soda into fifty, which is a great way for him to save his allowance. Unfortunately, international spies find out about the formula and want to obtain it for their own dasterdly notions! The book has been out of print for a while; fortunately, I was able to locate a pretty good used copy on It is a bit old for him, but if his mom helps him (as she is known to do,) I think that he will really enjoy it a lot. I love that, while at this point in life I don't have kids of my own to whom I can pass on the wonderful experience of books, I can pass them on to the Niblet and know that he will really enjoy them! (Last year, I got him Dominic by William Steig, and both he and his mom really liked it!)

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