Monday, September 10, 2007

Just us, the cameras, and those wonderful people out there in the dark!...

I spent the weekend rereading The Time Quartet. I simply cannot decide if the books are just so good that I end up crying, or if I end up crying because of some larger issues going on with me combined with a nostalgia for childhood, ie. growing up sucks. In the end, I think that it might be a combination of both.

I went to see Becoming Jane at the Coolidge Corner Theater. God, I love that neighborhood; I wish that I could afford to live there. They make excellent popcorn at the Coolidge Corner Theater. Real butter. Tasty. I am debating becoming a member. When JR and I used to go to the Brattle on a biweekly basis, we were members there. I should just suck it up and join. The seats are way better at the Coolidge than they ever were at the Brattle. It is obvious that the community really supports the theater, and the restoration of the old Art Deco facade is going along nicely.

I love getting to the movies early; it allows for excellent people watching. It is really interesting to see how people choose their seats in a theater, who leaves a space, empty seats, the like. My pet peeve is when the theater is barely full and someone sits right in front of me! That is SO irksome, even with stadium seating. As I was by myself, I ended up moving one seat over to allow an older couple to sit together. I think that they went to CVS beforehand because they had a stash of candy, cookies, coffee mugs, etc. I bought a popcorn, but smuggled in a soda. The man teased me, after thanking me for moving down, asking me if I would share my popcorn too. I told him that I drew the line at that. And I kind of wasn't teasing back, although he probably didn't realize that. Seriously, the popcorn is THAT GOOD. I know someone from work who will go in the theater just to buy a popcorn to take with her while she is shopping in Coolidge Corner. I have never done that, but I am thinking that is actually a really good idea.

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