Monday, August 31, 2009

Helping WGBH

I am a member of our local Boston PBS/NPR station WGBH and annually give a decent size gift to support their programming. After receiving this email today (and seeing the pledge drive during last night's showing of "Lewis"), I made an additional donation to help out the station because I enjoy their programming (and have since childhood, when I was a regular "Zoom" watcher.) In fact, considering the percentage of time that either my television or radio or both are spent tuned to WGBH, I think that it is a real bargain!

Here is the email with a link to donate if you too feel inclined to support Boston's Arts and News station.
I'm writing today with a financial update and urgent request.

Today is the last day of our fiscal year, but WGBH must still raise
$150,000 before the books slam shut at midnight.

We've cut expenses as much as possible without compromising the high
standards you expect, but in these extraordinary times, it's not
enough. We need your help.

If you intended to make a gift but haven't gotten around to it, I hope
I can count on you make an extra contribution today--above and
beyond your annual support--to help protect the independent and
commercial-free programming you rely on.

Make a special gift today at

We simply cannot wait for a better economy to pay for the programs and
services WGBH provides to New England and shares with the world.

Every dollar helps and the impact is immediate: you'll see and hear
the difference everytime you tune in to WGBH for your favorite
programs--whether it's Morning Edition, Nova, Sesame Street,
Antiques Roadshow, All Things Considered, Between the Lions,
or Nature.

Thanks for your ongoing support and your thoughtful consideration.

Daren Winckel
Director of Membership and fellow member

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