Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Start of the Christmas Season is Closer than You'd Think

Image from Ebay
Because I am currently concerned about where all my British Christmas stuff is going to be purchased this holiday season now that I am no longer living in Boston, I thought I would share last night's discovery here on on the blog.

I was at BJ's picking up some household items and while walking through the Christmas section, I noticed that they had Tom Smith luxury and juvenile Christmas crackers! There were some stunning silver and black full size ones (similar to the ones in the photo), but I restrained myself as I went overboard last Christmas at TJ Maxx and bought enough crackers last year for more than twice the number of people I was going to see on the big day. A box of eight was selling for $9.99 which is a steal great bargain, in my opinion.

So you if you are in the market for Christmas crackers, you might want to check out your local BJ's wholesaler! (For anyone reading in the central Connecticut region, this was the BJ's in Southington on Queen St.)  Also, if you know of any place where I can find a Christmas pudding and some brandy butter in the area, I would love it if you told me in the comments! It isn't practical for me to drive to Cardullo's in Harvard Square just for that... or is it? ;-)

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