Monday, February 24, 2014

The Sisters Cooking Show, Episode 3

I was invited to Sister B's house yesterday because she was baking "macaroons". Delicious! However, when I got there, I learned that Sisters K & B were actually doing some collaborative "macaron" baking. Even better!!

There were some initial disagreements about which recipe to use, but I think that the one that seems to be the final winner was Martha Stewart's, with a butter cream filling from a different cookbook.

While I was not actually involved in the making of these macarons, I was a taste tester and a member of the clean up crew. And while the sisters baked, I hung out with the "Sweetpea" (Sister B's nearly 2 year old son), who really liked watching the blender and the mixer. He doesn't discriminate: if it has a button to push, he likes it. (Although he was not interested in the macarons, which just meant more for the grownups. Yum!)

I hope that I will be invited back when they make the next round.

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